Luggage with Love (LWL) endeavors to assist the foster child's transition to the placement family by providing needed support, clothing and hygiene items soon after a child has been placed in a new home. Most children who are placed in foster care come to the foster home with nothing except what they are wearing. Add to that, families who care for foster children often have very little support. Financial support is especially troubling and in light of DHS' announcement that they will no longer be providing a Clothing Voucher for each foster child placed, the burden is even greater. This means that upon receiving a foster, the family must immediately purchase clothing, shoes, hygiene items, and other supplies that the child might need. Oklahoma has approximately 9,900 children in foster care, and 350 children waiting to be adopted. Each of these children are waiting for their first night with a new family. LWL was founded with the sole purpose of showing love and alleviating the stress and turmoil that can be part of the first night. LWL provides the support during the transition phase to demonstrate love and provide peace when it is needed most. In most cases, on the same day the request is received, LWL delivers a piece of luggage, containing clothing and other supplies to each newly placed foster child.

What We Do

Luggage with Love began from a desire to serve foster families on the first night of a new placement. It is our goal to provide clothing and supplies to newly-placed foster children in Oklahoma. Our hope is that by providing children with some basic supplies they can call their own, peace will be brought info a disrupted situation.

Our Mission

Luggage with Love will demonstrate our love for Jesus by providing for the basic physical, emotional, & spiritual needs of newly-placed foster children and their foster families.

Core Values

COMPASSION: We serve others as if we were serving Jesus Himself. Matthew 25:40

PRAYER: We are committed to praying daily for each other, the ministry, and the children & families we serve. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

INTEGRITY: We do the right thing. We do what we say we will do. We tell each other the truth, in love. Proverbs 21:3

INTENTIONAL EXCELLENCE: Every detail is important. We exceed the expectations of the families and children we serve. We continuously improve ourselves and our processes. 1 Peter 4:11

PERSEVERANCE: We will work hard, patiently, especially when there are challenges. Even when we fail, we will re-group and continue. Philippians 4:13